Rugby engineering solutions firm develops an innovative bomb proof box

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A Rugby engineering solutions firm is developing an innovative piece of equipment that could soon be keeping airline passengers protected.

Lenoch Engineering is creating a bomb proof box for airports around the country to use keep travellers safe during emergency situations.

The box is currently in development by the firm and a plan is in place to launch it and consult with airports in 2017.

There have already been two rounds of rigorous testing and the box set for more analysis in the New Year.

John Rushbrooke, Lenoch Engineering chief executive, said the box could be brought in if there are any suspect packages left in airports and it could absorb any explosion.

“The bomb proof box is a big cube that can be easily brought in to a situation and a suspect package can be placed inside,” said John.

“It’s made of a number of materials which are flexible so the box expands with the explosion and it goes from being a cube to round like a football, but it also absorbs all of the energy.

“Tests on the box have gone well so far as they have shown us what we need to adapt to make sure that it is entirely safe for use.

“But we hope that once it has gone through all its test, that the box becomes a useful tool for airports in this country and beyond.”

The development of the bomb proof box comes after Lenoch was given assistance by the CWLEP Growth Hub.

The firm was looking to purchase the Somers Road-based buildings that it calls home and needed some financial assistance in the form of grants.

The company also wanted help to buy some new specialist machinery that could help with the engineering work that it undertakes.

But John needed advice about grants that are out there and the best place to search for the most appropriate ones.

He was pointed in the direction of the CWLEP Growth Hub which offers specialist advice and thanks to the help the company was awarded £50,000 from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and £35,000 from Warwickshire County Council.

Rich Warren, business mentor and account manager at the Growth Hub, said: “Lenoch is an exciting company with an excellent reputation and producing some amazing work.

“The bomb proof box is just one of the interesting and innovative projects that it can continue to produce thanks to the grants that the Growth Hub assisted in getting.

“The company may be a small, but it is an integral part to all of its clients as they can get things done swiftly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

“We are extremely pleased that we could work with Lenoch and assist them in driving the business forward.”


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