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Monday, 14 May, 2018 - 09:00 to 09:15

Presence for Business


Coventry University


Coventry University
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The ability to create a dynamic presence is something many people may not be born with. This course for business will show you how to unlock latent skills you do have to achieve that ability.

We already possess the most important presentation tools in ourselves: our voices and our bodies. Nurturing, investing in and mastering these tools as a sustainable resource of communication builds confidence and results in memorable and effective business presentations and public speaking.
On this course you will have an opportunity to discuss and explore how to create presence and what techniques you can employ to achieve it. You will explore your voice: projection, clarity, articulation and other vocal dynamics crucial to presence and communication.  
You will learn techniques to take control of body language.  You will learn how gesture and physical illustration enhance comprehension and give impact to your presentation subject. 

Why Choose This Course?

  • This is a course for those who want to develop and improve their presentation skills. You may be a team leader, a senior executive or someone who regularly presents to audiences and would like to develop the impact of your talk/presentation.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is presence and why it is important?
  • The fear factor
  • Confidence and mindfulness
  • The voice - projection, clarity, vocal tone with supporting exercises
  • The body - presentation dynamics and visual articulation:  illustration through gesture
  • Space - using the room you are in to create dynamism and presence 

Fees & Funding:

  • £385

How to Apply:

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