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Tuesday, 15 May, 2018 - 09:30 to 09:45

Social Media for Business


Coventry University


Coventry University
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United Kingdom

Whether using social media as a marketing platform, or a customer service channel, it provides a connection to the customer difficult and expensive to replicate with traditional media artefacts. 

This new business-ready social media course developed by Coventry University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities will explore different strategies for increasing online engagement, measuring how social media activities create value propositions for business, and developing solutions to increase meaningful online engagement.

Connecting with the audience is at the heart of the social media experience, and understanding that audience becomes increasingly more difficult. Advances in algorithmic development allow the targeting of certain demographics with precision previously unimaginable. How businesses leverage these advances to their benefit can have huge implications for the longevity of the products sold.


This is a course for all types of businesses and organisations. The course is suitable for all those that have an interest or a role in developing a social media strategy and content for their business.


Social Media and business

Connecting with audiences and creating business value propositions

Developing a business strategy for social media

Investing in and understanding the value of social media development.



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