Manage Sickness Absence and Productivity Through Organisational Change

Is absenteeism adding extra workload, stress and business cost?

Support employees back to work earlier adopt a new preventative approach to absenteeism

"Take part in an initiative fully funded by the government."

“Created for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to address the challenges caused by absentees, the new service supports employers and employees by helping employees return to work earlier whilst simultaneously providing practical advice to employers on what to do to reduce future absenteeism.”

“Unlike other services, we aim to diagnose and tackle the core drivers of sickness absence specific to your particular company through analysing business risk and assessing your workforce’s health and wellbeing. Using a proven approach we will support one of your absentees back into work more quickly.”

“We do this through a group of trained specialised clinical and non clinical professionals who will steer the employer and employee through this concurrent approach to sickness absence management.”

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Contact us by phone or email:
    • You are an SME trying to manage your businesses absenteeism and would like to try a free new approach facilitated by experience experts in sickness absence and workplace health.
  • Step 2: We work with you to support your employee:
    • Employee appointment with a case manager
  • Step 3: We work with you to address abseteeism:
    • Employer appointment with a support manager
  • Step 4: Create an Employee Action Plan:
    • Outlines the parallel approach to addressing current and future absenteeism
  • Step 5: Provide one-to-one Support:
    • to help your rmaployee with: In-role support, Counselling, Pain management, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Housing advice, Debt management, Access to Work fund.
    • to create: Risk Assessments, Impact Assessment, Workplace Health Needs Assessment, Employer intervention guidance, Business case/ ROI, Absenteeism Prevention Action plan
  • Step 6: We help you to create an organisation that is able to manage its absenteeism:
    • Reduced Absenteeism, Reduced recruitment costs, Increased productivity, Increased profitable, Excellent business sense

For more information call: Healthy Working Futures on 0116 31 21 200 or email Julie Felstead on